Not a physical office. No Doctor will see you. We are using tech to treat symptoms of Anxiety and Depression. Download our Dr. MOOVES A&D app today!
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About Dr. MOOVES

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Dr. Mooves

Dr. MOOVES has a mission to help children feel better and enjoy optimal mental health through online entertainment. While based in the Manhattan Valley neighborhood of New York City, Dr. MOOVES is accessible to kids anywhere in the United States, offering an innovative and easily accessible form of therapy that feels more like fun.

Dr. MOOVES combines considerable skills and experience in child psychiatry with the therapeutic power of high-quality forms of entertainment with an engaging app, Dr. MOOVES A&D. The choreographed animation dances help children manage issues like anxiety and depression using deliberate body movements. 


The Dr. MOOVES app uses motion capture software, so all a child needs is an iPhone camera to join in. They follow the fun dances from home, and the app measures and scores their improvement potential and baseline for anxiety and depression.

Children aren’t aware of the science Dr. MOOVES uses when they’re having a great time with the activities, but there’s plenty going on behind the scenes. For example, Dr. MOOVES uses introjection and mirroring tools to consciously and unconsciously help children manage their body movements. 

Extensive clinical research indicates that these activities help to balance a child’s anxiety & depression baseline, relieving the distressing effects of mental health issues. To download the app, Dr. MOOVES A&D, please click on the "Request an Appointment" button at the top of the page.

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